CO2 Laser Marking Machine

  • Automatic on-line Laser Marking Machine


    Product Model:

    XGY-CO2 10W XGY-CO2 30W XGY-CO2 55W 

    XGY-CO2 100W XGY-CO2 150W

    Laser Wavelength:


    Output Power:

    10W    30W     55W     

    Power Stability:  

    (8h)< ± 1% rms

    Quality of Laser Beam:

    M2<5 (@25A)

    Pulse Repetition Frequency:


    Focusing Lens:

     Standard (F160)

    Marking Range:



    Marking Speed:

    250 characters per second (Times New Roman 

    and the character height is 1mm)

    Smallest Marking Character:


    Minimum Marking Line Width:


    Electricity Needs:

    220V±22V / 50Hz / 30A

    Power Consumption of the Whole Equipment:


    Cooling Method:

    Cooling Method: air cooling

    Size of Host System:

    1290 mm×410 mm×1200mm

    Size of Controlling System:

    630 mm×630 mm×820mm

    Size of Cooling System:

    560 mm×430 mm×770mm

    Weight of Host System:


    Weight of Controlling System:


    Weight of Cooling System:



    Applicable material: Non-metal materials such as cloth, tiles, paperboard, papers, leather, PU leather, trademark embroidering, plastics, bamboo & wooden products, woods, organic glass, acrylic, jade, shell, ox horn, animal sebum, double-color sheet, ABS board, PVC board, fiber and composite materials.

    Applicable industry: It can be widely used in the glasses, button, plastics, sign, packaging, leather, cloth, ceramics, glass, crystal, rubber, electric appliance, craft ware, wood and bamboo ware industries.

    Competitive Advantage:

    Stable Performance

    High Speed

    Large-size marking

    Long Lifetime

  •      Established in June 1995, Dongguan Xinguangyuan Laser Technology Co., Ltd., whose registered trademark is Xinguangyuan, is a high-tech equipment manufacturing enterprise specialized in the R&D, production and sale of complete sets of laser processing equipment in Taiwan. Its main products cover over fifty type in nineteen series: DP Semiconductor Side-pumped Laser Marking Machine series, EP Semiconductor End-pumped Laser Marking Machine series, YAG Metal Laser Marking Machine series, CO2 Non-metal High-speed Laser Marking Machine series, FM Fiber Laser Marking Machine series, CMF On-line Flying Laser Marking Machine series, ET High-speed Electronic Elements Laser Marking Machine series, PM Precision Moving Laser Marking Machine series, ST High-speed Laser Wire Stripper series, YAG Automatic Laser Welding Machine series, MW Multi-head Fiber Transmission Laser Welding Machine series, CO2 Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine series for trademark, High Precision Screw Laser Cutting Machine series for touch screen, CO2 Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine series for organic glass, CCD Full-automatic Positioning Cutting Machine series, CO2 Double-end High-speed Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine series, CO2 Single-end High-speed Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine series, CO2 High-power Laser Mould Cutting Machine series and laser machine series for special industries.

        Relying on the manufacturing technology and management concept from Taiwan, the company has been consistently performing technological innovation and production improvement, and moreover, the head office has already introduced ISO International Quality Management System and CE Certification. It consists of the R&D department, production department, after-sale service department, marketing department, purchase department, administrative department and financial department. Currently, the company has 50 production technicians, 10 senior scientific researchers from the mainland and 6 senior laser engineers from Taiwan, and it has established the long-term cooperation relationship with many colleges and research institutes.

         The company has set up special sales outlets around the world, and the products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions like America, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Europe with the annual sales volume reaching 1,500 sets.

    Situated in Dongguan, the world-famous manufacturing city in the center of Pearl River Delta, the company enjoys strengths in information, technology and traffic environment. In the light of the operation philosophy of “Providing best products and services, achieving the win-win situation”, the company has supplied complete laser application solutions for many domestic and foreign enterprises.

    The products of the company are applied to numerous industries such as the electronic industry, electrical equipment industry, watch industry, hardware industry, car accessories industry, clothing and leather industry, wood industry, organic glass industry, plastic industry, industrial detonator industry, tobacco industry, external packing industry for medicine and foods, and cosmetic and medical industry.

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